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New website is almost done!

Welp. Here it is. New website up and running (with plenty more changes and features to be added soon, of course. For now I just wanted to do a test post to make sure all looks proper. Since I'm here, how about a question?

As I was coming up through grade school, there were two things I learned that I've noticed are topics of hot debate amongst the writing world these days. One, is the Harvard comma and it's omittance. The other is leaving two spaces after a period.

So, fine, you want that comma before 'and' in there, I can give you that, but what is the problem with two spaces after a period? As a designer, I actually like the added separation between thoughts and even if I didn't, I just cannot see how it would annoy someone, let alone make anyone feel intellectually superior no matter which side they lean toward.

What say you, my friends?

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