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Hey Man, Comics Are For Everybody!

According to Calvin Reid at, "DC Comics and its parent company Warner Bros. has announced plans to launch DC Super Hero Girls, a multifaceted line of content and merchandise targeting girls and based on DC’s iconic super heroes."

This should be a lot of fun! People tend to forget comics are not just for boys... or just for kids for that matter. There is a comic out there for everybody, no matter what you're into.

It pains me when people spread the stigma that comics are just about superheroes and only for 'nerds' like me. Just a few weeks ago I had a local magazine editor tell me in so many words that her readership was above comics. Gross. Sequential art is an artform and can be used in many positive ways such as educating in classrooms, exploring sensitive social subjects, expanding world views, and just good old fashioned entertainment.

The ideas that comics are just about superheroes in tights or that superheroes have to "look like a traditional superhero" by dressing a certain way with a particular body style are old and moldy. Time to throw those ideas out with last week's leftovers!

So, you're into war stories, vampires, soap operas, or even do-it-yourself projects and you want to know how do you find a comic that fits your needs? Good News! Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 2nd, so it's a perfect time to go to your local shop and see what's out there. I'll post more information about the local offerings in Bay County for Free Comic Book Day soon, so check back in a few days!

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