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Batgirl #38 Sketch Cover!

So it’s Batman Day on September 26th and to celebrate, I’m going to be auctioning off this original art cover to the highest bidder with 100% of the proceeds going to Gulf Coast Children’s Advocacy Center.

“Since March of 2000, Gulf Coast Children’s Advocacy Center has transformed the lives of victims of child abuse and sexual violence by offering a refuge for victims and their families to cope with the terrible crimes of child abuse and sexual assault while reducing the fear and further trauma that disclosure and investigation often creates.”

The cover is hand drawn and colored by me and it’s an actual copy of Batgirl #38 (which just so happens to be the age I’ll become this saturday).

Please help me help this organization and get yourself a piece of art our of the deal. And to my artist friends out there… Why not take the challenge and draw something from the Batman Universe for your favorite Charity to celebrate Batman Day!

Thank you so much for your consideration!

Happy #BatmanDay

For more info on Batman Day, check out this link from Newsarama!

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