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Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comic Book Day is this weekend! That’s right, Saturday, May 2nd, there will be select FREE comic books at our shops in Bay County. That means this is the perfect time for you to check out one or all of the fantastic shops we are lucky enough to have in our home town! “Three comic shops?” you ask. Yes! Each one ran by great people and worth a visit! Let me break em down for ya (in alphabetical order):

Arena Comics and Gaming: This shop is owned and operated by James Finlayson, an expert on Avengers, Starman and just about everything else that appears in comics. Arena Comics has a pull service, places to sit-down, relax, and chat (or play games), and good selection of back issues, games, cards, and statues. This Saturday, Wes Locher and myself will also be there with copies of our latest comics on hand so come on by! Find Arena Comics online at

Comic Emporium: Currently the oldest shop in town, Greg Ray has been a staple in the comics and gaming community for many years. Greg has a great selection comics, shirts, table top games, and more! This Saturday, Kat Kan, the comics librarian, will be at Comic Emporium. She’s happy to talk to parents, teachers or anyone about finding the comics to fit your needs! Find them online at

New Force Comics: Rick Whitelock from New Force has been dealing in comics and figures for more than 20 years, but only in the last few years has he opened a store front. Rick offers great prices and a beautiful selection of statues and comic books. This Saturday, New Force will be having a huge sale with giveaways every hour. Find them online at

I could spend way more time talking about these shops, as they all have shown great support for me, my comic projects and Creative Con, but I’ll just leave you with the quick rundown of 'em and let you explore them yourself.

One more quick thing I’d like to mention, If you are visiting these shops for Free Comic Book Day, don’t forget that just because they are giving out comics for free, doesn’t mean they necessarily received them for free. Take a look around their shops, buy yourself something really cool, and support our local comics businesses at the same time!

Have a good, comics filled, Avengers movie release weekend!

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